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1. This series of containers with heating and insulation functions, according to "welded steel container
technology" to create, test pressure and acceptance.
2. Volume of a 100L-7000L all kinds for you choose, also can be designed according to the actual needs of
customers, processing.
3. Stirring shaft seal of imported sanitary mechanical seal, reducer selection of the world famous brand in
Germany Flanders or SEW, stirring speed was 36-53 r / min. Can also be controlled by frequency converter.
4. The interface with the general international ISO standard fast loading reels, liner made of imported 316L
or 304.
5. A level gauge tank (non-contact ultrasound, static pressure transmitter type or tube type), air breathing
apparatus, steam sterilization mouth, thermometer (digital display type or dial type), CIP tank cleaning device
universal , light hole, as the mirror, a number of liquid out of the mouth of one hole.
6. The internal material: 316L (Japanese import); within the finish: 0.28~0.45μm; appearance: 304 mirror
7. Working pressure: atmospheric pressure; Operating Temperature:    
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