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Release Date:2011/1/24 9:30:21  Views:12467
The DGB-V series microporous high-efficiency coating machine is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving, clean, PLC controlled and electrically and mechanically integrated coating equipment that fully conforms to GMP and FDA requirements, specially used for sugar-coat coating, organic film coating, water soluble film coating, and slow and controlled release coating of pills, small pills, dripping pills and granular pills.
Working principle:
The pills (pills, small pills, granular pills, etc.) make complex movement continuously under the action of the flowing oblique guide plate in the clean and closed running roller. The processing program is controlled by the PLC microcomputer, and the coating medium is automatically and evenly sprayed onto the surface of pills through the atomizing by the spray gun according to the set technological parameters. At the same time, under the status of negative pressure, hot air enters from the upper end of the roller (the top of the material bed. Refer to the schematic diagram for details) and is discharged at the bottom of the roller through the air suction device, so that the pill surface can be rapidly and evenly dried with a layer of solid, dense and smooth surface coating film being formed.
The equipment is specially designed for pills. It is composed of the microporous board structure, plate changing type structure, and suspending guide plate structure. The hot air device and air exhaust device are designed at the same direction. The hot air directly dries the pill surface, and produces internal reflux at the bed with the exhaust air, so that the temperature difference of the whole bed is reduced and the pills are rapidly dried. It can be used for coating of both pills and large tablets. It can coat small pills with a minimum size of 0.6mm, which fills the blank of high-efficiency coating. Compared with other same products, the equipment has such features as low requirements of pill hardness, short coating time, high capacity, high surface coating quality, coating medium saving and energy saving, simple coating technology, convenient operation, etc.
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