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Release Date:2011/1/24 9:38:22  Views:13932

The DGB-W series non-pore high-efficiency coating machine is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe, clean, PLC controlled and electrically and mechanically integrated coating equipment that fully conforms to GMP requirements, used for sugar-coat coating, organic film coating, water soluble film coating, and slow and controlled release coating of tablets, pills, small pills, dripping pills and granular pills in pharmaceutical industry. It is a high-tech product successfully researched and developed by our company.

1. It has all the features of DGB-W Series high-efficiency film-coating machine.
2. The filmcoating drum is with a poreless structure. AboveΦ0.6mm tablet coating, versatile in use.
3. It has a specially structured air distributing system, and the air intake and exhaust pipes can be interchanged according to the needs.
4. Different materials are equipped with different air paddles. The paddles can be embedded into or taken off from the material according to technology needs.
5. It has a special purging water discharge unit.

Working principle:
The pills (pills, small pills, tablets, etc.) make complex movement continuously under the action of the oblique guide plate in the clean and closed rotary roller. Through PLC control, the coating dressing is automatically sprayed according to the optimized technological parameters. At the same time, the hot air is introduced from one side of the gas distribution tube at the center of the roller, and the clean hot air will be discharged from the other side of the gas distribution tube after passing through the pill layer and the duckbill air paddle with densely distributed holes, so that the coating medium sprayed on the surface of pills can be rapidly and evenly dried with a layer of solid, dense and smooth surface coating film being formed on the surface of pills.

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