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Release Date:2011/1/23 19:23:38  Views:19155
The series high-efficiency intelligent coating machine of DEKE is produced by referring to the newest generation coating technology from abroad as the design blueprint, introducing advanced automatic core control technology from Siemens and combining the interior surface mirror polishing and electrolysis technologies as well as sand blasting technology that are independently innovated by Deke. The product has such features as high efficiency, intelligence and lead. With reasonably designed control system and flexible programming, the product can meet different pharmaceutical technological demands. Under the action of the oblique guide plate mixer, the pills will turn smoothly and carry out exchange frequently, eliminating the falling of pills from a high place and collision, prohibiting fragments and edge collision, and enhancing the rate of finished products. The constant pressure frequency conversion peristaltic pump balances the output slurry and slurry volume, stabilizes the atomizing effect, simplifies the spray system, avoids blocking of the spray gun and saves dressing, and the cleaning is simple without dead zone. The spray gun specially designed and manufactured for coating has such features as even atomizing and large spray area. The universal adjustable nozzle is not influenced by the feeding volume. After long term experimental use, it is verified that Deke high-efficiency intelligent coating machine works reliably with stable performances, conforming to requirements in GMP and FDA standards.
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