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Release Date:2011/1/25 16:03:30  Views:7973
The LDG-10 model continuous type freeze drier developed by our company is a kind of equipment specially
used for freezing and drying liquid material. Comparing with the traditional freeze drier, it has such advantages
as large processing output, rela-tively low energy consumption, wide application range, simple operation
and stable frozen-dried products.                           .
According to the processing requirements, the frozen-dried products can be classified as follows: 1) bottle
injection powder products, 2) bulk injection powder products 3) solid products 4) instant products. The former
two products are mostly used in pharmacy, biology and chemical industry. The latter two prod-ucts are widely
used in the fields of food and health care product.                                                                               .
LDG-10 model continuous type freeze drier is most suitable For bulk injection powder products and instant
products. Its characteristics are as follows: the raw liquid material is con-tinuously input into the freezing and
drying room through the fixed quantity conveyor, and then it is spread onto a layer (or multiple layers) of
moveable caterpillar belt(s), then the cater-pillar belt(s) will take the material into different areas such as
freezing, heat preservation, sublimation and drying etc. in turn. After the material is frozen and dried, the
products will be discharged from the machine.                                             .
The continuous type freeze drier changes the tedious process of opening and closing door to load and unload
materials in the traditional freezing and drying technology, and moreover,
different from the drying method of holding the material into the freezing and drying disc and putting it onto the
freezing and drying board for drying in the traditional freeze drier, it directly spread the material onto a layer of
Teflon material carrying belt with thickness of 0.3-0.5mm, so as to avoid the problems of slow heat transfer
and long freezing and drying period due to the thickness of material when the material is held in the freezing
and drying disc of the traditional freeze drier, which can realize the rapid freezing and drying technology and
provide reliable guarantee for greatly reducing the processing cost of frozen-dried products. As the whole
technology adopts pipe and automatic production way, it can effectively prevent the twice pollution that may
result from the unequal moisture-proof quality caused by the load and unload during the proc-essing of
traditional freeze drier. It can save large amount of additional load and unload time and manpower, enhance
the working efficiency of equipment and make the operation of complex freeze drier be simpler and easier.                         .
Technical characteristics of LDG-10 model
continuous type freeze drier
◆Continuous feeding, continuous freezing, continuous subli-mating and drying and continuous discharging
can be re-alized in the same vessel.                                               .
◆Drying temperature ranges between -45℃ and +120℃. 
◆The combination of multiple refrigerating and heating tech-nology can effectively adjust the temperature
at any section during the drying process.                                               .
◆The imported refrigerating unit adopted and the high quality vacuum system elaborately designed and
allocated can ensure the stability of long term and continuous operation for the two key technology of the
equipment.                  .
◆It is compatible with all functions of vacuum low temperature continuous drier so as to provide wider drying
range.       .
◆The whole process realizes pipe, automatic and continuous production, which simplifies the operation
process, avoids twice pollution and completely conforms to GMP standards.
◆Equipped with complete CIP automatic in-process cleaning system, it can rapidly and simply complete the
alternate processing of more than two kinds of materials.                .
◆It is provided with PLC automatic control system and manual control system, and online sampling and
online technological printing and recording etc. auxiliary devices can be allocated according to customer
requirements.                                  .
Technological flow of LDG-10
model continuous type freeze drier:

Main technical parameters of LDG-10
model continuous type freeze drier:
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