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Release Date:2011/1/25 16:05:38  Views:13363
Equipment descriptions
Equipped with high efficiency vortex separator, the plate concentrating equipment revolves
around the new type plate rising-falling film evaporator to evaporate the materials under
vacuum at low temperature and heat the steam to carry out multi-effect evaporation
operation through repetitive use. It adopts high efficiency plate heat exchanger to instantly
and rapidly complete heating and sterilizing processes. Whole set design and complete set
devices and designs are available. Thanks to the features such as compact structure, high
efficiency (the total transfer coefficient is 2~4 times of that of tubular evaporator),
convenient disassembly and cleaning, low liquid holding quantity and short duration of
materials under high temperature, the equipment is applicable to the concentration of fruit
juice, dairy, sugar alcohol and fine chemicals etc. Materials.
Working principle
TanletVap is designed for evaporation and there are 2 small inlet orifices and 1 big outlet
orifice, Additional, there are 1 big inlet for vapor heating and 1 small outlets for vapor and
condensed water.TanletVap adopts the concept plate cluster and every plate cluster
composed of butt welded plates or demountable plates. Heated vapor would condensate
in weld pass and the medium would evaporate and condensate in gasket
sealed pass.
Flow chart of tri-effect plate concentrating equipment
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