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Release Date:2011/1/25 16:07:21  Views:7119
Technical advantages of tank unit typecounter-current extractor unit
◆It can enhance the strength difference between solvent and medicine and extract the effective
components from the medi-cine to the maximum extent with high extracting rate.             .
◆It can make use of the forced circulation method to accelerate the diffusion of effective components.                                    .
◆With small solvent quantity, it can greatly reduce the energy consumption in subsequent procedure and
reduce the produc-tion cost.                                                                               .
◆With continuous operation, the production efficiency is greatly enhanced and the automatic control is
easy to be realized.    .
◆The counter-current method and low temperature operation can help to maintain the heat sensitive
effective components.
Characteristics of tank unit type counter-current extractor unit
◆With pipe and modular extracting tank unit, each extracting unit can independently carry out extracting
operation (leaching, dy-namic extraction, high temperature extraction), and also can be
combined (continuous counter-current extraction, periodic con-tinuous counter-current extraction).
◆Special separating device is adopted to prevent the discharging being blocked.
◆Standard automatic operation flow can realize the automatic control of temperature, liquid medicine
pH (optional), flow speed  (optional) etc. key technological parameters, so as to guarantee the stability
and reliability of continuous counter-current extract-ing technology.
◆Near-infrared online detection system can be allocated for the real-time measurement of content of
effective components of traditional Chinese medicine for the convenience of optimizing the technological
parameters. 5. Advanced traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing process analysis software platform
and database management system can be allocated. 

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