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Release Date:2011/1/23 19:37:09  Views:18190
In addition to all functions of C model machine, the D model high-efficiency coating machine provided with the cleaning
The hinge door structure or cylinder automatic lifting door opening structure is adopted at the two sides of the machine, which provides convenient and easy operation.
2. The micro pressure transmitter is adopted to automatically control the starting and closing of the air door butterfly valve, adjust air volume and air pressure, so as to meet the coating requirements.
3. With automatic recording and storage, all the production technological data can be printed.
4. The air supply automatic handling system can automatically handle spray, and purify the air supply needed by the system, playing the function of diversion and adjustment, realizing the function of "power cut and air cut" and ensuring normal work of the spray system.
5. It is equipped with the high pressure cleaning machine and manual cleaning gun for convenient and thorough cleaning.

The DGB-C series high-efficiency coating machine is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving, clean and electrically and mechanically integrated coating equipment that fully conforms to technical requirements in GMP and FDA standards, used for organic film coating, water soluble film coating, slow and controlled release coating, dripping pill coating, sugar-coat coating and chocolate and candy coating of tablets, pills and

Working principle:
The pills make complex movement continuously under the action of the flowing oblique guide plate in the clean and closed rotary roller. During the movement, the coating medium is automatically sprayed according to the technological flow and technological parameters. At the same time, hot air is supplied under the status of negative pressure. The hot air will be discharged from the bottom of the roller sieve pore layer through the pills, so that the medium sprayed on the surface of

1. Featured by reasonable and advanced programming, the man-machine interface of the control system composed of PLC and CPU can meet various technological requirements with stable performances. It conforms to GMP and FDA requirements.
2. Under the action of the flowing oblique guide plate mixer, the pills will turn smoothly and carry out exchange frequently, which has not only conquered the disadvantages of traditional mixer during the coating such as crushing, missing, fragments, uneven coating layers, bad density, etc. but also saved dressing and enhanced the rate of finished products and medicine quality.
3. The peristaltic pump adopts data programming and frequency conversion speed adjustment technology to control and adjust the spray flow, so as to realize rationed transportation of medium, adjust the tube pressing degree and enhance service life of silicone tube.
4. It is equipped with the world first class universal adjustable spray gun, which has such features as even atomizing, large spray area, no blocking, no dripping and easy cleaning.
5. The machine is provided with the negative pressure control system, hot air supply and control system, temperature control system and display system.

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