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This equipment is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, health care products, oral liquid, juice, chemical
and light industries concentrated distillation of liquid materials can be used to recover alcohol and other
solvent extraction of a simple return.
Equipment characteristics
The equipment used to manufacture stainless steel material, compact structure, beautiful form, the
device from the concentration tank, separator, condenser, cooler, Liquid Receiver composed of five
components, concentration tank for the jacket structure for the column condenser tube, pipe cooler for
 the snake, concentration ratio up to 1.35-1.45, with automatic spray cleaning system.
Material can use gravity or vacuum pumping into the concentration tank. Through the use of steam
heating jacket, feeding a high degree of endoscopic center in order to achieve suitable tank, the steam
rising from the first condensation control back flow, the temperature inside the tank under the control of
different materials, entrained bubbles, and some of the high boiling point liquid to gas-liquid separation
Back to concentrate tank separation, the industrial solvent (eg alcohol) after the second Liquid Receiver
finally get cooler. This equipment can be produced at atmospheric pressure or vacuum, or intermittent
or continuous production, continuous production of feed when the feeding tube when the flow meter
should be added, in a continuous production process decompression and discharge of the concentrated
tank often first to
Technology parameter
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