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Release Date:2011/1/25 16:22:36  Views:6998
The crystallizer uses imported 304 or 316L to be fabrication. With inner wall of mechanical polishing or electrolyted mirror polishing, outer wall of all welded structural insulation. outer surface of mirror or matt.
The respirator of 0.22um is installed on the crystallizer.
The crystallizer can bear 121℃ high temperature sterilization and disinfection with sa n ita ry pressure meter.
0uter connection of the crystallizer adopts sanitary quick connector.
The crystallizer has temperature monitor device, two sight lights, cleaning ball and inlet of Ni, temperature connection, etc. Seal of shaft adopts special sanitary mechanical seal design which insures they are not polluted.
The crystallize uses adjustment device of frequency conversion with big range adjustment of shaft speed.
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