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Release Date:2011/1/25 16:25:03  Views:11691
This machine consists of host dissolving pot, vacuum emulsifying agitating pot, hot water pot, rotary pump, vacuum pump, hot water sanitary pump, liquid pressure system, electric controlling system, and work platform.
   This machine applies to allot suppository medicine, has a great effect in allotting the material of oil, frost, water dissolving, and especially high host density, and material containing high solid matter.
 This machine adopts upper coaxial dual agitator, liquid power to lift and down to open cover, fast homogenizing agitator rotary speed: 0-1400r/min (frequency control), slow scrapping agitator rotary speed: 10-100r/min (infinite speed variation), the homogenizing head adopts high cut eddy emulsifying agitating machine, slow scrapping agitator automatic tightly oppressed to the pot bottom and pot inner surface. In the agitating process, rotary pump outer recycle the material to completely emulsify the material. Vacuum absorbing material, especially absorbing powder is adopted to avoid powder and tiny dust fly. The whole process undergoes in vacuum condition to avoid material to produce bubbles in the high speed agitating, up to sanitary standard.
     The material allotted is auto transferred by liquid level auto control to packaging container. This system is fixed with CIP cleaning system, and the part in touch with the material adopts SUS316L stainless steel, inner surface mirror polish 300EMSH (sanitary class). In order to control part stableness, the electric control adopts Germany SIMENSE products, bottom adopts Japan FUSHIJI products, and converter adopts Japan Pan-asonic, vacuum pump adopts SIMENSE products. This machine completely accords with GMP standard, and is the most advanced and ideal suppository allotting equipment.
Technology parameter

     The TLZRJ vacuum emulsion machine introduces German advanced technology, specially designed according to the cream-making technology of cosmetics and medicinal ointment. This machine is composed of pretreated pot, vacuum emulsification stirrer, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, discharge system, and electric appliance control system and work plane.
This machine is applied to produce cream and frost products for cosmetics and medicine factories, the emulsification function is specially obvious especially to the material with high adhesive and high content of solid material. 
This machine adopts upper coaxial tertiary mixer, hydraulic pressure lift cover opening, rotate speed of rapid homogenate stirring: 0-3500r/Min (Frequency control), rotate speed of slow scrapping mixer: 10-100r/Min (Frequency control), the homogenate head adopts high shear turbulent emulsification mixer, slow scrapping stirring automatic cling to the bottom of the pot and the wall. It adopts vacuum suction, vacuum suction to powder material avoids dust flying specially. The entire working procedure carries on under vacuum condition, prevents the material producing bubble after high speed stirring to reach sanitary and aseptic. This system equips with CIP cleaning system, the contact department of vessel and material are SUS316L material, the internal surface mirror surface polish 300EMSH (hygienic level) in order to guarantee the control section to be stable.
The electric appliance control section uses Germany Siemens product; the button uses Japanese Fuji Corporation product; touch screen uses Simens product; the electrical machinery of emulsify uses ABB product; electrical machinery of reducer uses Aideli product; the transducer uses Japanese Panasonic electrician; vacuum pump uses Siemens product. This unit are manufactured conforms to GMP requirement completely, is the most advanced and reasonable paste and cream production equipments. 
Technology parameter
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