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Stainless steel double-layerde cauldron is also called double-layerde steam cauldron, which is applied
widely for the processing such products as candy, medicine, dairy, alcohol, cake, beverage, sweetmeat,
can, etc. It is also used to boil water, cook, stew, boil porridge, etc in great scale dinningroom or eatery,
which is a choiceness equipment in food processing to advance quality, shorten time, improve labour
Equipment characteristics
The boiler takes steam of certain pressure as the heat source, with the advantages of large heating area,
high heating efficiency, evenly heating, and short time to boil the material, easy to control the temperature.
The inner adopts SUS304 stainless steel with resistance to acid and alkali, with good looking, simple
operation, easy installation and safety and reliable ness.
Technology parameter
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