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    The equipped tank is designed according to the sanitary requirementof pharmacy and foodstuff industries. It is made of the imported highquality stainless steel (SUSS304 or SUS316L etc.) Inside of the tank adopts the mirror polish. All of the joints adopt the fillet over welding for not having dead angle and easy cleaning. Polyurethane holistic frothing is adopted for heat preservation. The jacket, coil pipe or honeycomb interlayer can be used according to the needs of users and the acces sories can be equipped according to the requirement. Some accessories should be equipped, such as CIP cleaning hole, aseptic air blowhole, manhole, thermometer,sampling hole, feedhole and spare holes etc. It is the ideal middle stock tank for all kinds of medicines and cosmetic. It can avoid the second pollution in the coures of preservation and transportation and has the features of sanitation, resistance of pressure, antisepsis, agile operation, vacuum extracting, barotropic delivery and easy cleaning.
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