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Release Date:2011/1/25 16:34:16  Views:11750
This equipment can be used outside or inside the heating heating JHW JHN two forms, external heating
evaporation speed, more suitable for JH-800 above structure, side edge concentrates fluid alcohol
This device is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry, alcohol recovery, in
order to facilitate lower production costs, improve economic efficiency, the device can be 30℃-50℃ dilute
alcohol distillation to 90℃-95℃, finished Demanding alcohol can increase the reflux ratio, but the
corresponding product yield lower emissions residue Alcohol degree: ≤3℃, professional equipment is
returned to alcohol.
The device uses high efficiency stainless steel packing, where access to alcohol sites, such as the tower
body, condenser, regulator tank, cooling coil all adopts stainless steel to ensure that the finished
product is not contaminated alcohol, tower kettle with removable U-tube, This makes it easy for heating
the outer wall and inner wall of distilling apparatus, cleaning.
Technology parameter
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