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System components and characteristics
Automatic control system
The chromatogram working station that is compiled on the basis of the advanced DCS distributed control
strategy can realize control and data collection of pumps, valves and various online detectors, conveniently
complete the multi-column series and parallel operation and guarantee the stability and accuracy of
Special online test system for traditional Chinese medicine
Including the test of regular process parameters such as flow, pressure, temperature, pH value (optional)
and electric conductivity (optional) etc. and real-time test of content of effective parts (or components) of
traditional Chinese medicine through ultraviolet spectrum (optional) and near-infrared spectrum (optional).
Structure of chromatography column
The structure of chromatography column is well designed with
Functions and characteristics
It is widely used for extraction and refining of effective components in waste water treatment, protein, enzyme,
monosaccharide, amylose and plant. The characteristics of chromatography separation are as follows: the
operation condition is moderate (normal temperature, and normal pressure generally); the mixture can obtain
multiple pure components at one time; precise separation is available so as to obtain products of high purity.
Combining modern computer automatic control technology and technical parameter online detection
technology, the unit has upgraded and reformed the traditional manual
Application of chromatographic separation technology in
the separation and purification of natural products
The chromatographic separation technology mostly
applied in the traditional Chinese medicine separation
and purification can be mainly divided into absorption chromatography and ion exchange chromatography.
The absorption chromatography includes reversed-phase chromatography (C18 filler) and normal phase
silica gel chromatography. The ion exchange chromatography is mainly used for separation and purification
of compound with electric charge. Currently, the chromatographic
Application of separation and purification of
natural products
Development of small-scale test technology, magnifying research of pilotscale test technology, preparation
of phytochemical standard products and contrasting products. Widely suitable for separating phenol, aldehyde,
alkaloid, amino acid, steroid, terpene, flavone, quinine, organic acid, glycoside, glucide, nucleotide etc. pure
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