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CIP cleaning system suitable for food industry
CIP cleaning  system I s  composed  of  acid  tanks, alkali  tanks, hot-water tanks,pure-water tanks,back-water
tanks,disinfect-water tanks, thick-acid tanks, thick-alkali tanks, heat exchanger,pumps,peripheral valves and
pipes.These tanks can be allocated according to technical requirements.Generally,the CIP system only
comprising acid tanks,alkali tanks and hot-water tanks is sufficient for requirements of cleaning.
CIP system  produced  by  our company have the characteristics that,they are safe,energy-saving, highly
efficient,and easy to operate and maintain.
Mainly are:
① Manual CIP station
② Semi-automatic CIP station
③ Auto CIP station system
④Before materials compounding, the processing  system  carries out automatic CIP,which is more
advanced,automated,reliable and safe.Therefore,data sampling and exchanging on whole production line
can be realized for linkages each couple of equipments.
The structures of CIP can be divided into joint type and split type . The CIP systems of the two types,for each
type,there are four types of heating:

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