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Release Date:2011/1/23 19:58:49  Views:12821
Equipment features
1. Compared with traditional technology, the medicine feeding volume is high and the solvent feeding is
low. During the extraction, the solvent is only added once, and repetitively used in a piece of closed
equipment. The solvent in the medicine residue can basically be recycled, so the solvent consumption rate
can be reduced by 5%, and the production cost is saved.
2. The continuous production time is shortened by more than 30%. In traditional technology, the extraction,
filtration, concentration are carried out time after time at a low speed. But in this technology, the extraction,
filtration and concentration are carried out simultaneously, so the speed is high with energy being saved by
more than 30% and the extraction rate being enhanced by 10-20%. Generally, it only takes about 7-8 hours
to change the medicine into concentrated ointment.
3. With wide applicable technology range, the unit can be used for both alcohol extraction and water
extraction. It can be used for positive pressure extraction and concentration, positive pressure extraction and
negative pressure concentration, as well as negative pressure extraction and concentration. The negative
pressure extraction can be carried out at 40℃. It is a piece of ideal equipment for heat sensitive medicines.
4. The unit takes small land area with reasonable layout. Its use is very flexible. It can be operated for both
extraction and concentration, and can also be operated singly for single extraction or single concentration.
The operation is simple, which can be carried out by one person. It is easy to clean the unit and replace
medicines. It is applicable to large batch continuous production and small batch production of multiple lots.
5. The parts in the whole set of equipment that contact materials are made of high quality stainless steel.
The production is carried out in a fully closed pipe so as to reduce environmental pollution and prevent
impurities and bacteria from entering, which fully conform to GMP requirements.

Main technical parameters:
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