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RZ Preparing lateral spraying and pulsing
Sterilization kettle is widely applied for meat, aquatic products, vegetables, birds and eggs, soups and juices, box rice, health care foods,leisurely foods, etc.
Lateral spraying sterilization kettle s ideal to be a secondary sterilization equipment for foods packed in bags or boxes, and it is an automatic system composed of technical tanks, heat exchangers, water flow distrib-utors, various pumps and valves, connecting pipes, PLC and touch screen. Nozzle in the sterilization kettle continuously sprays packing materials and directionvarying hot water to articles being sterilized, and heat will be distributed quickly and uniformly. The sterilization kettle adopts a nalogy temperature control system, which can set programs for temperature rise, sterilization and cooling at any time according to various requirements on sterilization of various foods, in order to make every kind of food sterilized in the optimal status to prevent great heat loss of sterilization under high temperature and high pressure. The pressure control system can adjust pressure and correct negative pressure automatically in the standard mode according to various actual situations, which is beneficial to prevent distortion and damages of containers(formed packed articles).Meanwhile, through analyzing and checking T-t, P-t curves, production and quality control can be carried out effectively.

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