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Sterilization or second sterilization of the packed food (especially for the food packed in tin plate cans 、bottles 、soft bags and etc.),which  prevents the food product from pollution inside or outside the package as well as  lowers the possibility of oxidization 、chemical changes or physical changes, is critical for guaranteeing the food hygiene, maintaining  the product's nutrition & flavor and expanding the products' shelf life.
Therefore, choosing the proper sterilization equipment & sterilization technology parameters and controlling the production cost of food sterilization procedure, both are important issues for food production. The sterilization equipment and technology our corporation provided ,can solve all the above problems ,which meeting the sterilization requirement.
Being one of the earliest enterprise who develop and manufacturer retort for food sterilization in domestic market, HuaLian corporation always keep in pace with the advanced technology  and the latest configuration .Our company has provided several projects for customers with the features of good looking, Excellent performance and high efficiency.
Retort series
Static retort--can be divided into spraying style and full water style.
Rotary retort--can be divided into spraying style, rotary/static transferable style.
Spraying type retort--can be divided into side spraying style and top spraying style.
Double tank retort--can be divided into dual style (double pots), double tanks (two layers )types, which can be divided into different combinations of rotary type, static type, full water type and spraying type.
Laboratorial retort (applicable for traditional production).
working principle of Retort

As an intermittently working sterilization equipment, the retort utilize the heat exchanger outside the sterilization tank to  heat up the deionized water with steam, then inject it into sterilization tank through the forced circulation of pumps. Heating up the products to the required sterilizing temperature and maintaining this temperature for a period ,achieving the sterilization effect. After cooling the product to the required temperature through the injection of cooled water, the whole sterilization procedure is completed.
The whole controlling system is controlled by the micro program controller, touch screen, PC-users' interface, which is equipped with paper or paperless recorder. The whole sterilization procedure could be completed automatically, it also can be done manually.
Special design, safety equipments and anti pressure adjustment, all of these guarantee the safe production and dependable sterilization, improving the products' quality. Calling the corresponding sterilization program from the controlling cabinet, the retort can sterilize different food products with different sterilization requirements, thus widen the application of this equipment. If you make a special order, we can also equip an central temperature probe inside the sterilization tank, which is beneficial to  develop new production and establish the optimal sterilization technology.
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