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Extraction and concentration in the test unit
Release Date:2011/1/23 20:00:13  Views:12463

The DK-Z multifunctional extracting, concentrating and recycling pilot-scale test unit is suitable for extraction
and concentration of valuable medicines and low temperature extraction and concentration of fresh plant
products in scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, pilot-scale room in factories. It is deeply
favored by the market due to its multiple functions, good performances, compact structure and fine machining.
Equipment features
1. The unit is composed of extracting tank, tubular heater, evaporator, condenser, oil separator, oil collector,
medical liquid pump, measurement tank, liquid storage tank, filter, vacuum pump, power distribution cabinet
and etc. The defoamer is set at the extracting tank and the steam outlet of at the top of the evaporator. For the
units that have no steam heating, the unit can be equipped with the heat transfer oil heating system.
2. The operations such as heat reflux circulating extraction, concentration, normal extraction, concentration,
water precipitation (alcohol precipitation) and percolation can be carried out.
3. It can be operated under negative pressure, normal pressure and positive pressure. It is suitable for water
extraction, alcohol extraction or solvent extraction, conforming to GMP requirements.
Technology parameter
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