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High Pressure Homogenizer
Release Date:2011/1/26 17:13:51  Views:7277

High pressure homogenization has
following excellent feature:
 Better stability
Improve preservation quality
 Improve homogeneousness
Better absorption quality
Save expensive additive agent
 Change viscosity
 Reduce reaction time
    GJJ model series high pressmre homogenizer is a kind of new product developed by us according to worldwide up-to-date technology in 1990s. It is applied to the homogenization and emulsillcation of liquid material (liquid-liquid phase or liquid-solid phase) with viscosity below 0.2Pa.x and temperature lower than 80℃. Thesematerialsindude dairy food, beverage, cosmetics, medicine and so on.
    In time of operation, this product conveys processed material to homogenizing valve in a high pressure way by means of  triple plunger reciprocating pump, to make the material acted upon by composite force turbulent flow, positive hole and shearing at the moment when it flows by the small gap between valve disc and valve seat, thus achieving the goal of homogenization and cmulsification.

All with wear, corrosion,        "Triplex" valve chamber            AHomogeneous diamond              Choice of technique Cypriot material,                 
temperature of stellite                                                               with the top mounted head and       from left to right; solid stainless steel (standard),
special valve                                                                               seat (optional parts) of special        chrome steel, alloy and ceramic coating
Technology parameter
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