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Double-effect concentrator
Release Date:2011/1/23 20:00:35  Views:11840
The machine serves for the concentration of Chinese traditional medicine, western medicine, starch sugar,
food breast product, etc., Specially suitable to the low-temperature vacuum concentration of thermal
sensitive material.
1.Energy-saving and profitable. Accounting on the SJN2-1000, yearly save steam about 2500 tons, water
70,000 tons, electricity about 60,000 degrees, in RMB ¥80,000-100,000 (compared with single effect
2.This condenser adopts minus pressure outer heating natural recycling evaporating method, with fast
evaporating speed, strong condensing ration, up to 1.1-1.3 (normally Chinese medicine cream).
3.this condenser adopts double effect evaporating at the same time, the steam get reused, energy cost
reducing by 40% compared to the single effect condenser, so one year's energy saving fees can withdrawal
all the invest on the condenser.
4.Multifunctional operation: (1) it can recycle alcohol density of 80 %; (2) single, double, triple effect can
repeatedly collect the cream; (3) material can be consecutively or continuously imputed.
5.This condenser parts in touch with the material adopts stainless steel, up to GMP standard and good
looking. Heater, evaporator adopts insulation shell, outer adopts stainless steel, surface mirror or

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